Tomáš Tureček

Transformational coach, mentor, founder of RainFellows


Tomáš Tureček is the co-founder of the company RainFellows, where as a consultant with deep knowledge of Agile/Lean he transforms companies to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Over the past 20 years, he has worked his way through many roles from IT developer to management to co-owner of several companies, where he applies the same thinking and principles and he passes it on to others.

In addition to business, he is an active participant in communities and professional networks such as RedButton. His passion is building companies and projects in a way that combines high efficiency and impact with a culture of collaboration and openness.


Change? No problem!

You have just gained inspiration and the desire to put things into practice. But how to do it? You will probably encounter resistance in your organization. Tomas will share with you his experience in delivering change, which he has gained during his 20 years of experience as a transformation consultant and change agent.

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