Olivier Bauduin

Executive Coach


  • I am focused on helping leaders, teams & organisations be great at who they are & what they do…
  • I believe that when we meaningfully connect with and inspire one another, we rise well beyond what we could do alone.  
  • I am certified in Existential Analysis & Coaching
  • Existential coaching is an approach which applies models & methods rooted in the knowledge and experience of Existential Analytical Psychotherapy.
  • It provides a practical access for an essential development of the Human Being, leading to central terms like existence, fulfilment, consent, freedom, responsibility, meaning.
  • I am certified in MBTI Level I & II.
  • I am a regular contributor to the VŠE HR MBA & Master programmes as well as the Nordic Chamber of Commerce Mentoring Programme.

Connecting Psychological Type & Coaching Technics to Project Management

Projects have been part of Human activity since before the pyramids were built, and they have endured as a way to complete work.

Communicating a story through paintings on a cave wall, printing the first book, constructing the first automobile, and traveling to the moon were all projects that helped shape and define human development.

In today’s work place, project demand a tremendous amount of an organisation’s energy. And, at the core of all on-going projects stand the project manager and the project team: a collection of people charged with producing a unique and valuable product or service.

Many organisations have discovered that a project team’s work may be improved through the understanding of psychological type, as derived from administering and interpreting the world’s leading personality assessment tool, the Meyers-Briggs Type IndicatorÒ  (MBTIÒ) instrument.

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