Henk van Huyssteen

Senior Manager

Deloitte South Africa

Henk van Huyssteen leads complex programmes for large organisations. He shapes project strategies that turn around projects in trouble or achieve aggressive business deadlines.

Originally a chemical engineer, he entered the insurance industry as a productivity improvement consultant.  A shift into project management roles followed.  As ConVista Consulting’s delivery director, he was responsible for the contracting and delivery of its consulting engagements.  This included projects for local South African and international clients in insurance, banking and retail industries, as well as the public sector. A masters degree in Future Studies provided him with new mental models for engaging with an uncertain future – whether 50 years away or as close as the next project milestone.  For the past four years, he has focussed on managing large-scale digital transformation programmes.  He joined Deloitte Consulting Africa in 2016 and heads its Technology Programme Leadership practice.


Complex project success – how social factors drive problem solving and learning in teams

If a project is too complex to understand when it begins, how do we to plan for its completion?  The answer is to view the project as a changing collection of complex problems.  To be successful, a project organisation needs to operate as a problem-solving team that learns its way through the delivery of the project.

What can project managers do to support problem solving and learning behaviour in their teams?  We will explore the social factors that enable teams to achieve “group flow”, why brain-based diversity supports constructive task conflict and finally the leadership style that is best suited to support day-to-day problem solving on projects.

Will the role of project manager be relevant in the future?


A trend of growing complexity is challenging the ability of project managers to control the outcomes of their projects.  A second trend of automation and AI is changing how knowledge work is done.  How will we even define projects in the future?  What will constitute a project team?  Will the role of project manager still be meaningful?

In this workshop, we will use the method of scenario planning to define alternative future scenarios for the project management profession.  From this exploration we will draw conclusions on which steps – if any – individual project managers can take to ensure that they continue to play a valuable role in their organisations and society into the future.

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