Hanka Švábíková

Strategic guide, facilitator and interim HR


Hanka Švábíková focuses on facilitating strategic topics for smaller teams as well as medium-size companies and organizations. She helps companies to find their vision, name the strategy, company culture and values and find ways how to put them in action. In addition, she helps teams to set up their internal processes so that the needs of all members and the company itself are taken into account. She studied personnel management and organizational development. During her studies, she worked in a personnel agency, then her path led to HR department in a medium-size company with branches across Europe. For 3 and a half years she led HR in the organization, which during that time grew from 3 employees and no processes to 21 employees and an established HR strategy. In addition, she is a non-violent communication lecturer and within corporate trainings she often brings up topics of feedback, team relations, onboarding and psychohygiene.


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